Half of America has Gum Disease: Gum Disease Spreading


Gum Disease Spreading


Even Monkey’s Know It’s Important to Floss Daily!

Flossing is so Important that Even Monkeys Floss Teach their Young how to Floss

Best Dental Flossing Products to Save You Money in 2013

If you’re looking for the best brand or type of dental floss to keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean, then you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years I’ve tried many different brands of dental floss and even kinds. Most recently my sister got me the an Air Flosser by Phillips which I’ll write about in this lens.

The overall goal of this lens, is to help you find the best type of floss to keep your teeth clean. I’ve always hated when my gums bled and trust me, fl

Dental Floss

Dental Floss (Photo credit: Bret Arnett)

ossing consistently is the best way to stop it!

This is an unbiased review of the various dental floss brands from Gum, Oral B/Crest Glide, Johnson and Johnson’s Reach and even floss types and alternatives like air floss, water piks, floss threaders and even proxabrush cleaners..

I’ve had friends make recommendations and will outline the best floss to clean their teeth and will outline the best floss type depending on how close

dental floss

dental floss (Photo credit: Rakka)

your teeth are, how frequent you like to floss, and even the most convenient type of floss for those of us who have had braces in the past and now have to wear a retaining wire.

Ultimately, flossing will definitely make a difference in keeping your teeth clean but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to still go to the dentist. It just means you’ll have a lot less bleeding during your appointments. I know since I’ve gotten into the habit of flossing daily my appointments go a lot quicker helping save a girl some cash for shoes and clothes LOL!

How We’ll Be Ranking The Best Floss!

So how will we be ranking the types of floss you ask?

After trying almost every brand and type of floss in the past I always thought I had found the best floss that kept my the cleanest and would recommend it to everyone.

Some of my friends and family didn’t agree with me and being the curious person that I am, I always like to put on my detectives hat and constantly ask “WHY???” until I solve the mystery!

It turns out that the type of teeth you have changes how much you like different brands or types of floss. After much sleuthing, I noticed something in common with those of my friends and family that disagreed with me.

Ready for it….

It all depends on how your close your teeth are!!!

My friends and family who all hated my choice all had really close teeth.

So how will we be ranking the types of floss?
We’ll be using 5 different rankings and here they are

Floss Ranking Criteria

1. Cost – because who wants to spend a fortune on floss or a flossing machine when you could be spending it on clothes or food!
2. Ease/Quickness – I must admit, flossing is not the most fun thing in the world to do. So a major decision that goes on in my mind when choosing a floss is how long will it take to clean my pearly whites.
3. Effectiveness of Cleaning – What’s the point of flossing if it doesn’t make your teeth nice and white.
4. Closeness of Your Teeth – This is a big one! I’ll add in a ranking depending on whether you have really close teeth or small gaps between. Some of us may have both so I’ll also let you know how best to deal with that.
5. Hard to Reach Areas – For those of us who struggle with flossing our “back teeth” better known as molars or who’ve had braces.
6. Taste – You know those times you floss and you taste bubble gum or a minty freshness, well we’ll be adding that to the ranking factor to.

I always thought I did a superb job flossing my teeth but at every dental appointment my dentist would say, “Vanessa, you’ve got to do a better job cleaning in the back.” I’d go home and do an extra good job cleaning the back and 3 months later return to the dentist and he’d say the samething! Like what gives man LOL!

It wasn’t until I changed to my new super cool dentist that she showed me what he meant by using her super cool inside-the-mouth camera and even a instrument to make sure I could touch, feel and see where I needed to do a better job. How cool of her!

On a more important note: flossing won’t take the place of going to the dentist and getting regular cleanings but it can certainly help save you some money and not to mention pain on the more expensive fixes like filling and root canals.

And another side note: for those of us in Hamilton, Ontario Canada…if you’re out there I’d definitely recommend doing your homework on your dentist. It wasn’t until I changed dentists that I realized how amazing my new dentist was. Less radiation, less pain, better cleanings and it wasn’t until I switched that I noticed my old dentist would over bill my insurance!!!! So if you’re in need of a dentist in Hamilton Ontario or even close by like some of my friends who needed a dentist in Burlington, I’d definitely recommend seeing my current dentist.

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