How Do I Explain Dental Treatment to My Toddler?

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1) Do not use any words which would cause anxiety. It can be difficult to explain what will happen at the child’s appointment; good thing is, you don’t have to! Find a pediatric dental office with staff and dentists you trust. They will be more than capable of breaking things down on a child’s level. In fact, pediatric dentists have their own vocabulary! Never use words like pain, shot, hurt, etc. Use words like this:

  • Shot/Injection =Bubble, Sleepy Juice
  • Cavities/Decay = Sugar Bugs, Sugar Monsters
  • Infection/Abscess = Sick Tooth
  • Drill =Super Fast Toothbrush
  • Numb =Asleep

So, a conversation with a 4 year old at our office would go something like this:

“Good morning Janie! Dr. A is going to fix your sick tooth today. We are going to clean off all those sugar bugs with our super fast, cool toothbrush.”  The trick is to answer questions, but…

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Which is better thumb sucking or a pacifier?

Just For Kids Dental

From reading the research, it appears one can conclude that if the parents have a choice between thumb sucking and pacifier use – choose the pacifier. According to the dentists at Just for Kids Dental, a pacifier is their choice as well.

Pros to Pacifier Use:

  • Protection against SIDS
  • Helps babies learn to self-soothe
  • It satisfies the suck reflex
  • Easier weaning

Cons to Pacifier Use:

  • May lead to as many as 40% more ear infections
  • Nipple confusion if given to a newborn too young
  • Parent may accidently give pacifier when baby is crying for nutrition
  • Delayed Speech
  • Misaligned Teeth

Pros to Thumbsucking:

  • It’s always available
  • Much easier to teach children to pacify themselves


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