The Walmart of Dentistry

Appreciating the little guys in dentistry that provide big care. Thank you to all the family dentists that are practicing to help and not to pad their profit line.

Quick Stepp

I’m feeling pretty annoyed right now.  You see, just  about two months ago I spent a not unsubstantial amount of money to have a crown replaced.  My tooth wasn’t hurting.  It just had an “odd feeling” around it.  When I’d go for a run and my feet would strike the ground, I could feel it in my tooth.  Since this wasn’t normal and I’m a bit of a stickler for oral health (never miss my 6 month check-up, floss, etc.), I visited the dentist to have it checked out.  Of course the crown needed to be replaced.  I was told the margins weren’t looking great and that was possibly what was causing the issue.  The gums by the problem margin were irritated.  And so I had them replace the crown.  I’ve now had my permanent crown on for about two weeks, and walla, tooth pain.  What was just an “odd…

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