Is chewing gum healthy for teeth?

Just For Kids Dental

Reasons not to chew gum.  There are a couple of reasons gum may not be recommended. If you have braces, sealants, crowns or other restorations – gum may pull them off or dislodge them. Another reason gum may be unhealthy is if you suffer from TMJ. Those diagnosed with TMJ have disorder which can be inflamed due to repetitive chewing. In fact, if teeth are grinded during chewing gum, premature wear of the teeth can occur. If you experience headaches, jaw pain or tooth discomfort while chewing gum or just after – you could be suffering from a dental condition which may require treatment.

If the above list does not apply to you, here’s how to choose the right gum!

  • Choose sugar-free.  Always choose gum which is sugar-free. As we all are familiar, sugar is damaging to teeth.
  • Be sure it has Xylitol. Xylitol, derived from the fibrous…

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