Best Floss Dental Floss in 2013: 1st Contender – Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Sonicare Airfloss - Review

Very easy to use and quick, but does it clean your teeth?

Sonicare Airfloss – Very Easy to Use, But How Clean Does it Get Your Teeth?

First up:

Airfloss by Phillips Soniccare

I was very very very very excited when my dad brought home Airfloss a few months ago. Finally! I could keep my teeth clean and not spend forever flossing each and every tooth.

So my first time using Airfloss and following the directions and it’s different from regular flossing to say the least.
The instructions tell you to trigger (press the button on) the unit between each tooth. Easier said then done!

My first few times using it and it looked like I was having too much fun in the washroom with a squirt gun. So I will say there is a bit of learning curve.

When I finally was able to use it as it was intended I found it very easy and dare I say fun to use.

Added tip: use mouthwash in the water reservoir for an added freshness but only after you get the hang of using it!

Why Airfloss is great?

Well let me tell you, Airfloss. Is. Fun! Well at least the most fun you can have while cleaning your own teeth.
While being absolutely fun, it’s also really cool to use. The burst that you feel between your teeth only add to the experience.
It’s definitely recommended if you’re not much of a flosser and will definitely get you “flossing” more consistently just because it’s so easy, quick and fun to use!

What You Might Not Like So Much About Airfloss

Being a very active and might I say attentive flosser, I am pretty strict on how clean my teeth feel after flossing.
If you’re looking to replicate the cleaning of floss in between your teeth and under your gumline; then you’re expecting too much.
Airfloss is great for a quick and easy partial clean but to really get your teeth clean and prevent future issues you’re going to have to floss. Sorry for the bad news, I know I was kind of disappointed to realize there is no replacement for flossing yet.
That’s not to say Airfloss is useless, it definitely cleans, but you’ll still have to spend a bit of time flossing afterwards for a fully cleaned mouth.

The other thing to note, if you have sensitivity or a little gum recession you might want to spare those areas from Airfloss as you may experience some jumpiness and discomfort.

Overall Scores for Sonicare Airfloss

1. Cost [Evaluated of 10] – 5/10

The Phillips Soniccare can be found for $79.95 and depending on which model you purchase it either comes with 1 or 2 flossing heads. It’s recommended that you replace the heads every 6 months at a cost of $7.95 for two replacement heads. It’s not that expensive, with an annual cost of $7.95 putting it in the same ballpark cost figure as the more economical flosses.

Still with it not being a true replacement for everyday flossing and the heavier initial price tag of $79.95 it’s more of a luxury to have than anything.

2. Ease/Quickness – 9/10

Super easy and super fun to use. Very quick and you can even get to the back teeth really easily. It’s much easier than flossing so I’d definitely recommend it to those who are not everyday flossers as a stepping stone to get them on the path to everyday flossing.

3. Effectiveness of Cleaning – 4.5/10

Again, it’s not a replacement for flossing so you’ll still have to floss to remove the food particles that cause plaque bacterial. It’s more of a pre-flossing item to remove the larger food bits. Great for those with orthodontic braces!!!

4. Closeness of Your Teeth – 3.5/10

If you have really close together teeth the Airfloss may be quite hard to use as it needs a bit of a space to shoot between.

5. Hard to Reach Areas – 6.5/10

Very easy to reach and the small head makes it quite easy to reach the back molars. Unfortunately, you still have to floss afterwards to get a true cleaning so that problem still exists.

Last words for Airfloss:

It’s like flossing training wheels. Definitely recommended for those who are not regularly flossing but regular flossers will find that it does not replace the clean feeling of being free from plaque that regular flossing provides our gums and teeth.

Interested in trying the Sonicare Airfloss by Phillips, here’s a coupon:


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