Save Your Life in Just 2 Minutes a Day by Flossing

As a kid I always hated flossing.

It’s not something many of my favorite television characters ever preached so I never thought it was important.

I mean if I never see Big Bird or Ernie floss, why should I? Plus, flossing doesn’t give you the big bubbles and sudzy coolness that brushing appeared to as demonstrated by my childhood favorites.

Bert (right) and Ernie (left) with his rubber ...

Bert (right) and Ernie (left) with his rubber duckie . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It wasn’t until I saw a news segment that really frightened me into starting to floss. During the program they showed a few pictures of peoples teeth and how short their gums were because plaque and bacteria had eaten away at their gums causing their teeth to be very wiggly and loose.

On top of that there was a LOT of gory blood other colors that are currently making me sick to recall.

So how does flossing save your life?

That’s what I never understood until they said that when the gums recede like that it gives bacteria and just bad stuff an entry point into your body. In fact, poor oral health has been linked quite highly to heart disease with over 90% of diseases having symptoms from your mouth.

Unbelievable I thought! Oh yeah and really gross.

And how do you know if you’re not flossing enough.

Simple, if your gums bleed. If your gums don’t bleed when flossing, you’re pretty safe.

So floss people, trust me you don’t want to have teeth like those people I saw. And for relationships, ummm if you’re kissing someone with bad oral hygiene, first of all it’s gross but second of all it can actually spread to your mouth.

So please please please, people flossing is pretty major and doesn’t take too long each day. You use your teeth everyday to feed your body and enjoy delicious foods. At least give them a nice thank you at the end of each day by brushing AND flossing.

Tip for kids: Pretend like each tooth just took a shower and you have to use the floss like a towel to dry each one off. That’s the funnest and probably the most correct way to floss.

Dental floss 日本語: フロス使用例

Dental floss 日本語: フロス使用例 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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