Why I Heart Teeth

Message to the Tooth Fairy

Message to the Tooth Fairy (Photo credit: stromnessdundee)

Hellooooo world, my name’s Vanessa!

So this is essentially my standard Hello world introduction to the blogging world and my raison-d’etre for my creation.

Essentially, I grew up loving the stories my parents would tell me and my sisters right before bedtime.

You know, those stories that made you stay up at night because you were so excited you were getting a visit from Santa Claus or the Sandman.

Well my favorite was always the Tooth Fairy. At first I think it’s because she I always wanted to catch her in action. I mean the money was cool but the fact that she could sneak underneath my pillow without me knowing was SO much cooler.

Tooth Fairy (film)

Tooth Fairy (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s why I always wanted to make sure my teeth were nice, clean and cavity free, so she’d come by, want to take them I could catch her in the act. True story, even had a camera beside my bed to snap a photo to show all my friends.

Well my devotion to keeping my teeth pretty for the tooth fairy translated from my childhood and followed me to the present day.

Always flossing, always brushing and finishing it all off with a nice refreshing rinse of mouthwash.

Up until a year ago, I always thought that my teeth were quite healthy. After all I was quite consistent with my oral hygiene. The occasional cavity but never anything to serious. Or at least that’s what I thought.

It wasn’t until after I moved and had to find a new dentist that I discovered there were areas in my mouth that weren’t being cleaned properly and I was grinding my teeth at night time putting them in jeopardy.

I thought it was going to be an expensive fix with the dentist but she said if I just brushed certain areas better my gums would heal themselves. To fix the grinding she helped fit me with a night time mouth guard to keep from wearing down my teeth and while I decided if I wanted the braces she recommended.

Yep, me in university with braces. Definitely a decision I wasn’t ready to make yet.

The goal of this blog? To help others who have had bleeding gums or problems with cavities prevent expensive dental appointments and even better, improve the health of their teeth and gums with the simple but amazing tips, secrets and a few minutes of flossing a night.


5 thoughts on “Why I Heart Teeth

  1. It appears you just love your teeth and don’t actually work in the dental field? If so, I love that– this is awesome! I always used to enjoy going to the dentist and was fascinated by it as a kid, so I can relate. I love your mission. It’s very cool, and I think you can help a lot of people with this.

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